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Department of Academies

About the Department of Academies

Accrediting over 600 College and University Degree Granting Business Schools worldwide,
and with members in more than 150 countries, the American Academies fulfill the highest
criteria in academic norms and industry proficiency.


The entire degrees and certificates are issued by the main campus in the United States of America and are globally recognized and valid.

Inventors City is the exclusive agent for the American Academies in the Middle East, authorized to present programs and courses online and will not issue degrees or certificates itself.

Master's and Ph.D. Programs:

Click here to see our online master's and Ph.D. degree programs

Degree programs in collaboration with the world's accredited universities and academies

Inventors City carries out several degree programs which are divided into the following two categories:

  • Degree programs in collaboration with the world's accredited universities and academies
  • The American Academies master?s degree programs presented by Inventors City

Our set of degree programs are of two major types and applicants can select their program type of Interest in accordance with their needs and priorities.

  • Classic

The entire applicants qualified are allowed to take part.

  • VIP

Our set of VIP master's degree programs, rated as one of the world's leading graduate programs, are highly personalized and adapted to suit the applicants' entire needs and priorities.

Our VIP programs are the best option allowing you to get a master's degree alongside your professional life, much faster than students enrolled in the classic Master?s program and at the same time preparing you for a truly brilliant academic and professional career in the future.

More information on VIP programs is provided by appointment only.


Click here to see our online certificate programs

Our certificate programs provide continuing education credit opportunities for many careers. Those seeking to refocus or advance their careers without enrolling in an entirely new degree program can surely benefit from these programs.

Having received adequate training, the students will be assessed and certified by the American Academies whose highly recognized certifications helps students earn trust in business and industry environments and enjoy glittering professional careers as well. Besides, companies and corporations can also benefit from our certificate programs to standardize their procedures and methods as well as their products and services in order that they can win their customers? trust in the market?s competitive environment expanding their future capacity of success and advancement.

Academic Services:

  • Academic Papers
    Our Department of Research and Scholarship provides unique educational methods helping you develop your ideas into highly recognized academic papers which will definitely be published in journals indexed in ISI Web of Knowledge. For more information, please see our Department of Research and Scholarship.
  • Medals and Awards
    We offer our students an exceptional chance to win highly valued international medals and awards at the most prominent invention and innovation competitions under WIPO's supervision. For more information, please see our Department of Invention Competitions and Awards.
  • Student- Oriented Adjustments
    Are you too busy to take part in full-time degree programs?Has your inadequate academic background always caused you trouble accomplishing university courses?Do you wish to graduate much faster than ordinary students so that you can either start your own business as soon as possible or enroll at a particular higher education degree program with deadline for admission?Our master?s and certificate programs are not of fixed length and may vary depending on the applicant?s priorities. In fact, our programs offer highly flexible educational services meeting your needs. We at Inventors City offer unique student-oriented programs during which each student benefits from a highly qualified professor?s knowledge and experience throughout the entire academic process so that he/she can graduate much sooner than the estimated time normally required
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